Sunday Stillness – Mothers


Proverbs 31:27 - Ducks with ducklings

Photo © 2013 by Violet Nesdoly

My own mother worked VERY hard watching over the ways of her household. As the mother of nine, she had little choice! I wish she were still here so I could wish her a Happy Mother’s Day. (The last time I did that was in 2006.)

I’d like to dedicate this, as well, to my beautiful daughter who is in that busy-household stage of life (with three preschoolers, a part-time job, and a craft business). She manages it all so beautifully–I am in awe!


I’ve recently discovered a new photo meme called Sunday Stillness, hosted by my friend, children’s author Janis Cox. The object is to highlight a verse  from the Bible that has been meaningful to you in the past week. I’m delighted to submit my first post to Sunday Stillness with a tribute to mothers.

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6 thoughts on “Sunday Stillness – Mothers

  1. Your picture is lovely! I’m one of ten children…with only two of my own children I’ve always marveled over how my mom managed to watch over all of us. What a lovely sentiment to your daughter too. Happy Mother’s Day.


    • Thank you, Beth. And good for your mom! I do remember mine often falling asleep while she read stories to us at nap time, and being generally tired. I’m still amazed at how these women did it without many of the time- and labor-saving devices we now have. Thanks so much for dropping by!


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