Mural Monday – Farm murals from Sooke B.C.

For years I have posted to a mural blog. In the interests of simplifying things, I’ve decided to add murals to the offering here, and retire that blog.

I’d like to begin by continuing something I began there… sharing  murals every Monday and complete posting the murals of the Sooke Acriculture Historium.

On our holiday last summer, we visited the town of Sooke, B.C. on Vancouver Island. Imagine my delight when I came across a whole slew of murals—the Sooke Agriculture Historium.

These reproductions of old photos are painted in sepia tones and presented with borders and edges as if taken from a photo album. They appear on a long L-shaped building and cover two sides of that building.

On the Mondays ahead we’ll continue viewing them one at a time, along with the description (as written on the painted tag that accompanied each photo). Enjoy this trip to the past…

Seven murals are posted HERE.

Continuing with today’s: A BUCKET OF APPLES

Mural form the Sooke Agriculture Historium Collection

Margaret Dunbar, during the apple harvest at the family dairy farm, Dewdney Flats in 1926.

Now, if I were carting such a bucketful of apples, I’d be smiling! I guess it just wasn’t the fashion to smile for the camera in those days.



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