Sunday walk at Nico Wynd

Sunday was a beautiful day so after church we decided to drive to one of our former favourite walking places—the Nico Wynd Golf Course.

This walk takes us from the parking lot of the golf course along a dyke, with the Nicomekl River on one side and the golf course on the other.

The path follows the edge of the golf course winding north, then east, then south. When the course ends the path continues on, tracing the river edge of the Parklane Development (Southport) up to the traffic bridge that crosses the Nicomekl.

On Sunday wildflowers were out in vivid beauty. These  poppies were growing along the bank of the dike.

(Click on any photo to enlarge)

Poppies - Nickomekl River, Surrey BC

Poppies along the Nicomekl River – Surrey B.C.

The Dame’s Rocket (also called wild phlox) was in full bloom and the air was fragrant with its spicy carnation smell.

Dame's Rocket - Nicomekl River, Surrey, BC

Dame’s Rocket – Nicomekl River, Surrey, BC

Dame's Rocket

Dame’s Rocket closeup

Roses were still blooming too and in the sun the bees were abundant.

Bee in a wild rose

Bee in a wild rose

In the ditches we saw spikes of Foxglove.




Foxglove closeup – 1

Foxglove closeup

Foxglove closeup – 2

One of the reasons we come here is to check on the eagle’s nest. When we used to walk her regularly, before we moved from Surrey, we observed a pair of eagles and more than one season watched them raise their young (from the ground of course).

When we passed the nest on Sunday, I spotted an adult in the branches. Notice in the photo, the two light spots just where the nest meets the tree trunk. I think those are eaglets!

Bald eagle and nest

Bald eagle and nest

Along the beach beside Southport we saw an odd conglomeration of webbing and stakes with a sign that said:

Riparian Vegetation Restoration—Please Do Not Disturb
Goal: To vegetate intertidal bench to provide natural habitat for fish and other wildlife.
Method: Test plots to study the best method for re-vegetation entire intertidal bench.”

Riparian enhancement project - Southport

Riparian Restoration Project – Southport (1)

Here’s what it looked like from the bottom.

Riparian Restoration Project - Southport

Riparian Restoration Project – Southport (2)

On the way back, what a treat to sight a couple of Cedar Waxwings. The way they hung around their tree told us they probably had a nest  nearby.

Cedar Waxwings

Cedar Waxwings

Meanwhile the geese were doing what all sensible creatures do on a Sunday afternoon—taking a nap.

Geese - Nicomekl River

Geese – Nicomekl River

After  brunch at Ricky’s, we did the same.

Daisies with insects

Daisies with insects


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