Enjoying the dog days of August

Someone else is enjoying the dog days of August. Photographed near our townhouse this morning.

Spider web reflecting the sun.

Spider web reflecting the sun. Photo © 2013 by V. Nesdoly


Focus on the spider awaiting its prey. Photo © 2013 by V. Nesdoly

Spider with quote: "Change is an easy panacea. It takes character to stay in one place and be happy there." Elizabeth Clarke Dunn

Photo & poster © 2013 by V. Nesdoly

(The quote is the one featured in this week’s spread in my Polestar Family Calendar.)

4 thoughts on “Enjoying the dog days of August

  1. Lovely–(and I like the quote). I once watched a spider spin a web between a small end table and a chair on my porch. While I sat there meditating on the process, my sun came outside and before I knew what was happening, he pulled the table closer to his chair, so he could set his coke on it–tearing the web. The spider simply went to work again, and soon another web was spun, providing us lessons in patience & perseverance.


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