Mural Monday – Trochu (1)

The reception for the Three Hills (Alberta) wedding we attended in late August was hosted in the town of Trochu, a few miles north of Three Hills.  We got to the hall early so decided to spend a few minutes exploring the town. A drive down main street revealed—you guessed it—more murals!

(Information about the murals was copied from the fine print on the murals themselves.)

Armand founder of Trochu, arrived from France in 1903.

Armand Trochu - mural, Trochu Alberta

Armand Trochu  by Eldon Walls –  mural, Trochu Alberta


The Tolman Ferry operated from 1907 to 1925. It ceased operation for 22 years then resumed service from 1947 to 1964.
The ferry conveyed goods, livestock and people between east and west sides of the Red Deer River. This mural is a tribute to this important mode of transportation, the ferry operators, and the pioneers who lived in the Trochu, Rumsey area.

The Tolman Ferry - mural, Trochu, Alberta

The Tolman Ferry by Eldon Walls – mural, Trochu, Alberta

Trochu Valley General Store – 1907-1922

Trochu Valley General Store - mural Trochu, Alberta

Trochu Valley General Store by Eldon Walls – mural Trochu, Alberta


Philomene Butruille helped operate the Trochu Valley General Store with her husband Jean. Following his death she married the new owner of the store, Edgar Papillard.

Philomene Butruille - mural, Trochu, Alberta

Philomene Butruille  by Eldon Walls- mural, Trochu, Alberta

I’d say these murals are a wonderful tribute to the town’s history and pioneers! (More Trochu murals next Monday)

(Updated September 21st with the artist’s name, Eldon Walls.)

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