Thursday Challenge: TRAVEL

Animal Overpass in Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada

Animal Overpass in Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada


I love these picturesque tunnels on Highway 1 near Banff Alberta. They are designed to give wild animals a safe path over the highway. The company which designed them describes their effect.

“A recent study from Banff National Park concludes that DIALOG-designed animal overpasses crossing the Trans-Canada highway are working. It also indicates animals just might have preferences in architecture and design.

Published in the scientific journal Conservation Biology, the study examines the impacts of fracturing animal habitats. According to research gathered starting in 2006, the overpasses, including those designed by DIALOG, are being used and are helping keep bear populations strong in the park, despite the fact that a major highway divides their habitat.” Read entire article …


To view other photographic interpretations of TRAVEL (photos taken away from home) visit this week’s THURSDAY CHALLENGE.


Next week: TRANQUIL (People Relaxing, Fair Weather, Skies, Quit Waters, Calm Landscapes,…)

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