Thursday Challenge – WATER

We are especially thankful for water and one of its uses during summer hot dry spells. On our summer vacation drive to Dawson Creek (northeast B.C.) we stopped for night in Prince George. It was a stifling hot day with lots of smoke in the air from forest fires burning in the area.

After dinner we took a walk along the Fraser River and watched fascinated as two choppers fought a blaze before our eyes (although we saw only smoke, no flames).

Fire-fighting helicopter

Helicopter, about to fill its orange bucket with river water.

Helicoptier with bucket of water

Flying into position with a full bucket of water

Firefighting helicopters

The top helicopter dumps water on the fire while the helicopter below fills its bucket

To see more photographic interpretations of WATER, visit this week’s Thursday Challenge.

Next week: YELLOW (Anything with the colour yellow in it,…)


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