Thursday Challenge: HAPPY

Towers - Douglas Coupland

Towers – Douglas Coupland

Last summer while exploring Vancouver, we spent an afternoon at the Vancouver Art Gallery. The works of prolific B.C. artist and writer Douglas Coupland were on display. One room exhibited two Lego constructions.

One was called “Towers,” the other “345 Modern House”.

A photo of “Towers” is my Happy photo for this week, but I’m posting more photos of the exhibit along with the explanation of what the two builds represented. (Signs around the gallery invited photography so I wasn’t risking being thrown out for taking these photos.)

This post is linked to Thursday Challenge where you will find links to more photographic representations of this week’s challenge: HAPPY — Smiles, Faces, Laughter, Humorous Things,…

NEXT WEEK: HOME (House, Apartment, Trailer Home,…)

More photos of the display:

Towers (2) - Lego structure by Douglas Coupland

Towers (2)

Towers (3)

Towers (3)

Towers 4

Towers (4)

345 Modern House by Douglas Coupland

345 Modern House – Douglas Coupland

"Growing Up Utopian" - explanation of the Coupland Lego exhibit

“Growing Up Utopian” – explanation of the Coupland Lego exhibit

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