Thursday Challenge – ARCHITECTURE

Victoria home of Canadian artist Emily Carr

Old Canadiana – The Victoria home of Emily Carr (© 2014 by V. Nesdoly)

On our October trip to Victoria, we spent some time walking around the James Bay area. One afternoon we happened to choose Government Street, on which sits the house of Emily Carr (Canadian artist – 1871 to 1945).

Emily Carr’s memoir The House of Small is full of her early memories of Victoria—and perhaps this very house (I’m not sure if the Carr’s moved or lived in only this one house).

The house is now a National and Provincial Historic Site, with tours and activities during summer season.

Carr was nothing if not an individual. One of the things she was known for was walking around with her pet monkey—thus this bronze statue by Barbara Peterson commemorating her at the corner of Government and Belville on Victoria’s Inner Harbour.

Statue of Emily Carr and monkey

Bronze statue of Emily Carr and her monkey Woo – by Barbara Peterson

Emily Carr statue - monkey detail

Woo, detail of Emily Carr statue by Barbara Peterson

Emily Carr's dog Billie - bronze statue by Barbara Peterson

Emily Carr’s dog Billie – bronze statue by Barbara Peterson


These photos are linked to Thursday Challenge where you can see more links to photographic interpretations of ARCHITECTURE.

NEXT WEEK: LEAVES (Trees, plants and leaves of autumn colours just simply green,…)


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