Spring heather

Pink Heather

Pink Heather (Erica) – Photo © 2015 by V. Nesdoly

Heather—one of our first flowering spring plants. It’s been out for weeks but not in my garden. I miss the clump of heather in my old yard. It was the first bee magnet of the season.

On doing a little sleuthing around, I find that the Scots used to use heather to stuff  mattresses. The virtues of a mattress made from Scottish heather were described by King James VI’s tutor, George Buchanan like this:

“… so pleasant, that it may vie in softness with the finest down, while in salubrity it far exceeds it.. and restores strength to fatigued nerves, so that those who lie down languid and weary in the evening, arise in the morning vigorous and sprightly” – From Scottish At Heart – Scottish Heather.

It smelled good too. The article about using heather for mattresses goes on:

“A bed made from heather had the added extra of original aromatherapy, and the fragrant flower heads were usually placed towards the top of the mattress where the sleeper’s head would lie.”


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