Wednesday wit – “I miss feeling clueless” etc.

On the Vancouver holiday I mentioned yesterday we also visited the Vancouver Art Gallery. West Vancouver artist Douglas Coupland’s show “everywhere is anywhere is anything is everything” was the feature.

What fun—and photography was encouraged! One of the rooms had walls filled with colourful blocks of Coupland’s pithy sayings about modern life.  


Douglas Coupland wit #1

Douglas Coupland wit #1 (Photo © 2015 by V. Nesdoly)

The difficult-to-read words on the navy blue block, top row, second from left: “HOARD ANYTHING YOU CAN’T DOWNLOAD.”

Purple block bottom row, third from left: “OPPOSITES ATTRACT / THEN THEY ATTACK”


In the next few weeks, I’ll share more of these walls of witty sayings on Wednesdays .

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