Daily photos – May 15-20 (#CY365)

In the interests of putting a little zest back into my photography, I’ve decided to join the CY365 challenge. CY365 is short for “Capture Your 365” (or take a photo each day of the year).

I’m not sure of the history of the CY365 challenge, but know that now it’s headquartered at a website by the same name run by Katrina Kennedy. She posts photography tips and encouragement on the blog and provides a list of daily photo challenges for each month.

Participants are encouraged to share their photos on Twitter and Instagram using the hashtag #CY365 (hence the #CY365 in the title of each post, as they also link to Twitter.)

I’ve done the challenge for six days now, testing it out to see whether it was something that suited me and that I enjoyed. I’ve found it’s actually perfect.

It shouldn’t be a big time-suck because I take my camera with me pretty much everywhere I go anyway, especially on my daily walks and I’m not planning to add a lot of words… just the photo and its prompt.

Here, on my first post of CY365 are the photos I took for May 15-20 along with the prompts.

Happy looking!

CY365 -  Classic

“CLASSIC” (05-15-17) – In the window of Krazy Bob’s Music Emporitum (downtown Langley). What’s more classic than Winnie on vinyl?

CY365 - All about me

“ALL ABOUT ME” (05-16-17) – I’ve stopped dying my hair–enough said.


“EVERYDAY” (05-17-17) –  A morning time of reading my Bible, meditation, journaling, posting on my devotional blog, prayer. My day isn’t right without it.

In a box

“IN A BOX” (05-18-17) – It must have been garbage and recycle pickup Thursday morning because there were blue boxes everywhere!

Where I stand

“WHERE I STAND” (05-19-17) – I’ve lately noticed this stand of cedars in Portage Park, as stately and orderly as soldiers, their tall columns each forming the letter “I.”

CY365 - Low tech

“LOW TECH” (05-20-17) – This lovely iris, just a few steps from my house, is low tech but not low design.

All photos © 2017 by V. Nesdoly. Please do not use without permission.


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