Negative space – #CY365

Today’s CY365 prompt is “Negative Space.” I must admit I didn’t really know what negative space in photography was until I did a little research.

I discovered that negative space in a photograph:
– Is all the area that surrounds the photo’s main subject.
– helps define and emphasize the main subject.
– can help to balance the positive space… and more (read all of  “Understanding and Using Negative Space in Photography”).

Our Victoria Day outing was to White Rock. It was a beautiful day with lots of people enjoying the beach. I took photos with the bit I learned about negative space in mind.

In the photo I picked, I think the negative space “helps define and emphasize the main subject.” I tried cropping out the rocks in the foreground, but that left the photo with a floaty groundless feeling, so I returned it to its original state.

CY265 - Negative Space

Holiday Monday on the Beach (Photo © 2017 by V. Nesdoly)

2 thoughts on “Negative space – #CY365

  1. Since this is a landscape shot, what is your main subject? Are the people incidental to the scene or are they your intended focus?


    • Yes, the people are the main focus, the subject. My understanding of this “negative space” challenge was to use the space around the subject to draw attention to and enhance it. I intentionally did not crop to make the subject bigger to emphasize the largeness of the beach (that negative space). This is a newish photography concept to me. What is your understanding of ‘negative space’?


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