Homemade #CY365

For the Oldly-Weds (celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary Saturday), a friend of the groom’s gave the couple a hand-turned wooden chalice. It was a piece of art, formed on the lathe from various woods that he had laminated together.

What a surprise, then, when the next day at the continuation of the celebration, this same friend (who is also a boyhood friend of my husband’s) turned up with one of those gorgeous goblets for us… and we’re not nearly to 50 years!

Thank you, Darryl! This knocks homemade out of the ballpark!


Friendship Goblet / Chalice, view to give a sense of proportion (CY365 for 06-06-17 Homemade – © 2017 by V. Nesdoly)


Friendship Goblet – closeup of the rings.


Friendship Goblet, top view.


Friendship Goblet – origin and meaning


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