Welcome to my photo and art blog, promptings 2!

My name is Violet Nesdoly. I’m a freelance writer, author, and poet whose hobby is photography and making art.

Ever since I got my first digital camera I’ve been like a dog released into the world of smells—only my smells are images. I live by the quote “Learn to pause  … or nothing worthwhile will catch up to you” (Doug King).  As hubby my walking partner will tell you, I’m always trotting to catch up after whipping out my camera and snapping a few.

Two years ago, I decided to come back to a neglected interest in art. My discovery of Bible art journaling and then joining Instagram have put me in touch with the stimulating world of art and artists, and fueled my determination to get better at this. Discovering and reading Samantha Dion Baker’s book Draw Your Day at the end of last year started me on a daily sketchbook practice. Through that practice I am hoping I will learn to draw!

I  share some of my photographic finds as well as sketches here on promptings 2 (“2” because another ‘promptings‘ has been my online hangout forever, it’s also full of photos, but I wanted a place where the photos can be huge and stored in boxes called Categories).

I’m by no means an expert, though, so don’t expect perfection—just some of the things from the worlds of nature, art, and people that have caught my eye.

Please do not use or re-post these photos without my written permission.

Contact by email.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello Violet – I’m glad I stumbled over your blog site. May I use your picture looking down into a tulip in a church newsletter article (St. Peter’s UMC, Bellevue, WA)? I will happily refer to your blog and credit you for the picture. Let me know. Tom Steffen


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