I’d love to have you on my list

I’m excited about launching a newsletter!


In it I’ll be sharing:

  • Book recommendations. I discover some wonderful books as a book reviewer.
  • Bible study tips and aids. In 4+ years of writing daily devotions, I’ve found many helpful resources.
  • Author news.
sample pathways page

Sample page from Pathways 18-month calendar

The newsletter will come out quarterly (four times a year). I’m currently collecting subscribers for the September 1st launch.

Get Pathways, a colourful 18-month scripture-text calendar, when you sign up (designed by me especially for all you wonderful subscribers. All those photos I’ve been taking find a new life outside of iPhoto. Click on the sample page on the right to enlarge)!

Sign up HERE.


One thought on “I’d love to have you on my list

  1. The picture of supermoon is awesome. I was flying in an airplane at about 8.00 in the evening that day and could see the supermoon up and close along the wings. I have not been able to photograph the supermoon the way you have. This picture is simply out of the world.


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